Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A Thought for Egalitarians

I'm a tentative egalitarian: I'm willing to accept, in theory, that God's fine with a women being a senior leader in a church and for a married couple to be equal in authority. 'In theory' because I've never been in a church led by a women or been married myself! This really isn't an issue I'm interested in talking about at length on this blog, but I do have a thought that should temper certain egalitarians' rage: it is clear from scripture that God is happy to use patriarchal set-ups for the structure of leadership and marriage relationships. They're not neccessarily a bad thing, in His eyes, in certain times and places - maybe not even in certain times and places today. That should make us pause and not see this as the be-all and end-all of all issues.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

(growl): TOM WAITS!

I can't get enough of Tom Waits, recently. Here's a song worthy of Job.


It may be my favourite book of the Bible. A bit of an odd choice, to some ears, but I think it's a monumental piece of literature that's very hard to match. History, commandments, and promises collide in a a magisterial sequence of speeches that calls Israel to faith in the God who defined who they were, defines who they are, and defines who they should be, all because of His loving grace, and all for His larger plan to bless the world. The pathos is astonishing, too, with the near-death Moses wearily admitting that he doesn't think Israel will keep the commandments anyway.

If the church is, in some sense, Israel, then the nation's definitive charter should be looked to for clues as to how God's new covenant people are to see themselves and their mission. Christopher Wright's commentary is an excellent resource for taking a look more closely at this idea.